Friday, August 1, 2008

My Etsy Shop

Ok, at the urging of a few good friends I've opened up an Etsy shop. Etsy is similar to e-bay, but it's all handmade items. Lots of hobby crafters use this site to sell items to help pay for their hobby. Joel has convinced me that I either have to find a way to use this crazy paper crafting hobby to supplement our income or I have to cut back. Well, he's just lost his mind if he thinks I can cut back!!!! Soooo...if you're in need of a cute handmade card (birthday, baby, anniversary, or just about anything else) or other small gift, check out my etsy store. Most of my cards sell for $3.00 each (that's cheaper than a Hallmark!!). I only have a few listed right now, but I'll be adding lots more over the weekend. I'm also available to make custom birthday or shower invitations, holiday cards, etc. Here's the link to my Etsy store:


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