Monday, July 28, 2008

Lots of Pics

So rather than keeping up with my crazy picture taking this past week, I saved them all for one big long post today!

The first two pics are of Dean making some music - not only is he an excellent harmonica-ist (whatever), but he's pretty good at rockin' out on the homemade kitchen drums!!! So smokin' in fact that he has broken numerous wooden can see the remains of Joel's last wooden spoon in splinters on the ground in the second pic.

These next pics are of some backyard fun with the Elmo sprinkler that's a real piece of crap...but Dean doesn't seem to mind!!!

On Saturday night we had my birthday dinner at Grandma Sue & Grandpa Eddie's house (my Mom's chicken & noodles, one of my faves....and with Reames' frozen egg noodles that you can't buy on Maui - thank you Judi!!!!). My friend from work, Marianne, joined us and before dinner we all walked down to Keawakapu Beach for sunset. Dean is obsessed with the gates into the Wailea Kai neighborhood, so walking with him to the beach from my Mom's house is PAINFULLY slow, but highly entertaining. I don't know what the fascination with gates is. He has a wagon at Grandma's that he initially HATED and refused to ride in. Even after several days of watching Grandpa pull Grandma around the yard in it (yes, Grandma Sue riding INSIDE the wagon...I'm sure most of you have no trouble imagining that), he still wanted nothing to do with the wagon. It's John Deere green, so we tried telling him it was like Grandpa CR's tractor, but that didn't work either (he just looked at us like "do you really think I'm that stupid?"). Finally, my Mom has been taking him the "long way" to the beach - UP the big hill of her street and over to Kilohana and then all the way down to cross South Kihei Road to Keawakapu. After a few times of walking that very long distance and then all the way back to Grandma's again, he decided it was a lot easier to ride in the wagon on the way home (he still prefers to walk on the way there though). Anyway, now the wagon is lots of fun and he says "wheeee" over the speed bumps and just laughs and laughs. So here are some pics from our evening at the beach & the wagon ride home...
Bye Bye.

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