Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Day at the MACC

We spent a fun afternoon last Saturday at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center - we had tickets for Sesame Street Live! I think Dean liked running around outside more than the show. He's still a little young yet for a 90-minute live performance, but since things like that rarely come to Maui (and he does need to learn how to behave in those situations) I figured we might as well give it a try!! Grandma Jo and Grandpa CR arrived Friday night (MUCH later than expected, thank you to the weather and flight delays...but they did make it!) and Joel was SOOOO disappointed (can you detect my sarcasm??) to let Grandma Jo use his ticket. So Jo and I took Dean to the MACC to see Elmo. He did better than I expected. He was pretty interested and watching the characters intently for the first 20 minutes. Then he started squirming a lot, but still watching for another 10 minutes. Then he was done. So we went out in the lobby for awhile and let him run around. Then it was intermission so we went outside and had some ice cream and Dean jumped in the jumpy castle with his buddy Evan who we saw there. Evan is about 4 months older than Dean. He's Teacher Kim's (Music Teacher) son. According to Kim, Evan only lasted about 5 minutes in the show. Anyway, we tried to go back in after the intermission, but Dean wasn't having it. Apparently 30 minutes of Elmo is enough. I still think it was worth it - if nothing else, just to have seen his face those first 20 minutes. Here are a few pics from our afternoon...

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