Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve Festivities

Mele Kalikimaka!! What an exhausting day!! Dean woke up at 5:30 this morning - how in the world a 2-year-old knows he should wake up early on Christmas is beyond me, but he knew. I thought I'd share some pics from our Christmas Eve fun at my Mom and Dad's last night. We had a great time - the only thing missing was Uncle Jeremy! Joel, Great Grandma Joan and I walked down to Keawakapu beach for sunset and to watch for whales with Dean while Mom put the finishing touches on dinner, which was a bunch of yummy pupus (that's the local word for appetizers). It was a beautiful sunset and Dean had lots of fun dipping his hair in the tide pools (his new favorite thing) and throwing rocks in the ocean! After sunset and dinner, it was time for PRESENTS!!! I taught Dean how to shake his presents to see what was in them, so it was funny to watch him shake all of his presents before he opened them! We all got a bunch of good loot! Joel made out with a Nintendo DS game system, some much-needed shorts and a gift card to Home Depot (he's been wanting to upgrade to a gas-powered weed-eater). I got a gift certificate to the spa and a bunch of really cool crafty supplies that were on my wish list. And of course, Dean is now more spoiled than ever!!! Last night he got a few more of the Step 2 Mainstreet Village sets that he likes, some books & puzzles, a playdoh fun factory, some fake wooden food and utensil sets (to go with the Step 2 Lifestyle kitchen that Santa left him this morning), and a Leapfrog Computer!! The computer is really cool - it hooks up to the TV and has a keyboard and mouse. Dean was actually able to play some of the games. One of the games shows a word on the TV, like "dog" and you have to type the letters on the keyboard. Amazingly, the little genius is able to do it like a pro!! He's going to have fun with that one, but it stays at TuTu's house. OK, how about some pics?? I'll be back in a day or 2 with more pictures from Christmas Day. Hope everyone had a very Happy Holiday, whichever one you celebrate!!Throwing rocks with daddy & playing in the tide pools
Christmas Eve sunset outrigger canoe paddler

Dean enjoying his "fancy drink"

Eddie & Susan (mom and dad)

Joel enjoying the Christmas "fire" my Mom forces us to endure every year

The present fun begins....

My Dad's birthday is Christmas Day and every year he gets a belt buckle from the National Finals Rodeo from my Grandpa Marvin. Happy Birthday Dad!
Dean admiring his new gecko watch

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve!!

Just a quick post to share a few pics from our Traditional Christmas Eve morning at the beach!! We woke up this morning and headed to Paia to Baldwin beach. It was raining a bit on the way, but then the sun came out and we were treated to a beautiful rainbow over the sugar cane fields at the foot of Haleakala. Of course, my camera was in the trunk at the time. We did take a picture of the rainbow with Joel's cell phone but we don't know how to get it off of the phone!! Anyway, it was a beautiful morning at the beach, although a little chilly for my taste (probably about 78 degrees). Here are the pics. We're headed to Kihei for the Annual Harper Family Christmas tonight. I'll be back tomorrow with more Christmas pics.

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a Fantastic Festivus!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Santa and the Elf

I've been a bad blogger, I know! I've been super busy with my creative projects and have lots of exciting things happening in my little papercrafting world. I've been asked to be a guest designer for Whiff of Joy stamps - I'm one of only 2 stampers from the US who are on this team, so that's pretty exciting!! (you can see me on the design team page by clicking on that link and scrolling down to the bottom). I just completed a special project for my BFF back in good 'ole Oklahoma, which was a true labor of love - it was a lot of work, but so worth it - I think the finished project is going to be something she (and maybe a few others) will treasure forever and I'm honored that I was part of it. {insert sappy music}. I had a few more projects picked up for publication in various papercrafting magazines next year and have been busy helping my local scrapbook store, Island Paperie, launch their new online store, which you can check out here. I'll be doing (paid - yay!!) design work for them next year as well.

Anyway, after Grandma Jo left we got our Christmas tree put up and decorated - and Dean's only completely toppled it twice!! I do think this is the last year for our sad little artificial tree we've had since our first Christmas living together in the "Inwood House" in Norman - it's listing badly to one side and I don't think it was designed to withstand the onslaught of two crazy cats and a two-year-old.

Joel grudgingly put Christmas lights in our 3 palm trees in the front yard and they look so good!! He wrapped the trunks and even got lights in all of the branches!! It only took him about 5 days and 8 trips to Home Depot to get it done, too - pretty impressive for him!! I'll try to get a picture soon. I couldn't talk him into doing lights on the house this year, so we're the scrooges of the neighborhood...actually, if you ask me some of the neighbors went a little overboard!! But Dean LOVES it and every night before bed he insists on going outside to look at the lights. (Actually, if it wasn't for Dean's excitement, I wouldn't be into the Christmas lights at all - total waste of electric energy if you ask me...)

We did take Dean on our annual trip to sit on Santa's lap at the mall. This year we were there on Aloha Friday, so Santa was in his Aloha attire - which I thought was pretty cute - who knew Santa had such nice legs?? (and you can't see it in the picture because the mall elves' photography skills suck, but Santa was wearing rubbah slippahs)! I'm sure Santa is much happier on Aloha Friday in our open-air (translation = non-air-conditioned) mall all day in 85 degree weather with 99% humidity than he is on "Traditional Santa Suit" day! Here are a few pics of our Christmas Preparations:And finally, Dean deciding it was more fun to dump everything out of the decorations box and climb on it than to help decorate...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pool Party

We celebrated Dean's 2nd birthday a week early with a Pool Party at the Keali'i Ocean Villas on Saturday. The party was a success!! The kids had a good time, no major meltdowns, the weather was perfect, and Dean got some good loot!! Here are several pics...

The family:
The location: Keali'i Ocean Villas Pool (see the ocean view?)
Dean and his favorite person ever, Sarah (our wonderful babysitter):
Dean giving Noah a birthday hug (Noah's birthday was Nov 30):
Joel, Dean and good friends the Bufords (Miah, Lauren & Noah):
Pool fun with Claire, Charlie, Sam, & Auntie Ellyn:
Dean dragging Sarah (or Sawah as Dean calls her) EVERYWHERE he goes:
Dean and Sarah swimming:

the Cake:
Dean and Haley waiting patiently for me to light the candles...
Blowing out the candles:
I think Dean likes the cake...

Opening presents...

Starting to get tired...