Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pool Party

We celebrated Dean's 2nd birthday a week early with a Pool Party at the Keali'i Ocean Villas on Saturday. The party was a success!! The kids had a good time, no major meltdowns, the weather was perfect, and Dean got some good loot!! Here are several pics...

The family:
The location: Keali'i Ocean Villas Pool (see the ocean view?)
Dean and his favorite person ever, Sarah (our wonderful babysitter):
Dean giving Noah a birthday hug (Noah's birthday was Nov 30):
Joel, Dean and good friends the Bufords (Miah, Lauren & Noah):
Pool fun with Claire, Charlie, Sam, & Auntie Ellyn:
Dean dragging Sarah (or Sawah as Dean calls her) EVERYWHERE he goes:
Dean and Sarah swimming:

the Cake:
Dean and Haley waiting patiently for me to light the candles...
Blowing out the candles:
I think Dean likes the cake...

Opening presents...

Starting to get tired...

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The Swifts said...

Happy birthday, birthday buddy!
I thought of Mr. Dean on Sat.! Hope y'all had a good day.