Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Park Play

Joel and Dean go on regular "Adventures" together - little Daddy and Dean outings about once a week, sometimes to places that I absolutely refuse to step foot in (Fun Factory), sometimes for the sole purpose of letting me get some much needed house cleaning done without more messes piling up behind me faster than I can clean, and sometimes just for a little Father-Son bonding time. One of their favorite places to go on these "adventures" is to a fun little park up in Wailuku, hidden just above Wailuku Elementary. This park is close to home, has a great new-ish playground, basketball courts, a beautiful view of both the West Maui Mountains on one side and Kahului town and the North Shore on the other, and also a great big field (that's actual purpose is for baseball, but also works well for telling a 5-yr-old "Hey Dean, see how fast you can run to that fence over there on the other side of that field" and then getting him to do it 7 more times to try to beat his previous time all in an attempt to wear him completely out so he'll *maybe* take a nap for once, or at the very least just be tired later and give his parents a little peace and quiet for an hour). So anyway, Joel and Dean took one of their standard Wailuku Park adventures Sunday afternoon - it was a beautiful day and Joel actually snapped a few cute pictures of Dean with his phone that I thought I'd share. Enjoy!


Yeah, maybe we better just stick to gymnastics...

There's also a perfect climbing tree that Dean LOVES to explore and monkey around in!