Friday, July 11, 2008

more duck feeding fun...

Dean finally got to see his Opa (that's what he calls his Grandpa Tapler) again this week! Opa and his girlfriend, Leslie, came to visit us. He hadn't seen Dean since our visit to Kansas when Dean was just 3 months old, so it's a pretty special visit! So far we're having lots of fun. Opa and Leslie have been doing lots of tourist stuff and still have A LOT planned for the next week. We had a nice dinner with them last night and then this morning Dean and I took them to the Tropical Plantation while Joel was working (yes, we do love the Tropical's so close to home and Dean really enjoys feeding the ducks and running around outside). After almost 3 hours at the plantation, Dean was past due for his nap so we headed home and sent Opa and Leslie to meet Joel for lunch. I enjoyed a few hours to myself while Dean napped this afternoon and finally got a chance to be creative at my new creative work space!!! That was lots of fun! Anyway, here are some pics from our morning at the plantation...
Dean refuses to share his bread with the usually the ducks just come and take it from his hands. He's figured out that he has to eat the bread REALLY fast if he doesn't want to lose it to the hungry ducks!!

Dean had a lot of fun covering himself in fresh grass clippings....good thing he doesn't have allergies!!

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The Palmer family said...


Good to hear from you. I'm glad I helped talk rebekah into doing a blog. You all look great and that little blond boy is adorable. good to see Jeremy on there too. I talked to him when they were all at the high school reunion that I missed. Maybe if one of them got married I could come see everyone! He sounded better than ever though. We are planning on coming to Maui in January. I'll have to talk to your mom about it. I don't thin we'll be bringing any kids though, just pictures. talk to you later.