Monday, June 23, 2008

When Daddy's left in charge (take 2)

This is what happens when Joel is SUPPOSED to be keeping an eye on Dean but instead ignores the tell-tale sound of a kitchen drawer opening, Dean's little footsteps running into his room, his bedroom door closing, and then 5 minutes of silence. It's just never a good sign. The first pic is Dean knowing he's in trouble!!!

How can you stay mad at this face???

And yes, that WAS a permanent's probably going to have to wear off. And fortunately for Joel, Dean for some reason chose only to draw on himself and not all over the walls or carpet!!


The Shapiro Family said...

So, I hope JOel was at least doing something guitar hero. The new Aerosmith one is coming out soon...can't wait!!! My wii just got here with out, Joel.

Royalty family said...

I've seen worse. I think I sent the one of C when he marked himself up, all over the arms and some face.
BTW I think your blog looks good. I like how you have the different background colors.

Royalty family said...

I've seen worse.
BTW, I think your blog looks good. I like the different background colors.

Royalty family said...

So I think I sent that comment twice. I don't know what I'm doing. It didn't appear to be sent, but now I see you have to approve it? I didn't know you could do that.

The Palmer family said...

Hey jen! Yes, I totally remember you at our wedding. It went by so fast though, it was all sort of a blur. Thanks for coming, by the way. Our blog is going to be private soon so please leave your email address so I can invite you to view our blog. We visited your parents on our way to Tennessee one summer. It was so fun. Your mom has sent some way cute clothes for our kids. They are adorable. J tells me stories of fun childhood memories he has with your fam. It sounds like he had a great time growing up with you all.

The Palmer family said...

Wait, i'm confused about the comment approval. where does it send my I understand what Rebekah said.