Sunday, June 22, 2008

Little Opihi

Grandpa Eddie has a new best friend!!! Opihi (or "Petey") is a 5-month-old miniature Schnauzer who joined the family today. Mom and been wanting to get Dad a dog for awhile now and since Joel finished their fence a few weeks ago, they took the plunge today. Petey is so sweet!! He's very calm and is already housebroken. According to his foster parents, he loves children and he did great with Dean today! He already seems to prefer Dad and didn't stray too far from him when they stopped by to visit today. Here's a cute picture of the pair:

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Angie said...

Oh, that little guy is adorable! My Mom wants a mini schnauzer too, only we can't seem to find one on this island. Did they get him from a breeder? Will they ship to Oahu? I'm thinking of helping them get one before the kids and I move to Italy at the end of the year. She's going to need something to take care of when we're gone... Sorry, that was a long comment! LOL!