Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Day at the Park

My Mom and I had a fun morning with Dean Upcountry today at the big park at Giggle Hill. My friend Jayci is on island and has a "friend" (that's a cute boy) who works on one of the snorkle boats and he offered to take her and I out on the Molokini boat today. Well, I didn't want to ruin Jayci's day by puking all morning and I figured the captain probably wouldn't turn the boat around for a seasick "freebie", so Joel went instead. Joel and Jayci had a great time - the weather was beautiful, the ocean wasn't too rough, they got to see some dolphins (including a baby) and tons of fish, and of course, it was free!! In typical Joel fashion, he refused to take the camera so I have nothing to show of his fun morning. Maybe Jayci has some pics she'll share with me later. Jayci and her friend Jason are coming over for dinner and "game night" tonight, so that should be fun! Anyway, while Joel and Jayci were on their snorkle adventure, Mom and I took Dean to the park. As always, he had lots of fun running around, screaming at the top of his lungs and climbing all over everything! Here are a few pics...

That last picture of him on the scooter is pretty funny - some kid's scooter was just leaned up against the wall and Dean ran over, grabbed the handlebars, put one foot on it and tried to ride it just like you would a scooter!!! Once again, I have no idea how he knows to do that.

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