Friday, August 1, 2008

A few cute pics

Dean and I had a fun hour at the Kahului Community Park Wednesday morning. He's so cute!! He LOVES to slide. I seriously think he went down the slide 100 times and I'm not exaggerating! He would climb up, slide down, then immediately RUN as fast as he could to the steps to climb up again over and over and over and over.

Also, for some strange reason, Dean is OBSESSED with clocks. yes, clocks. I have no idea where this came from or where he even learned the word "clock", or what the fascination is all about... but if there's a clock around he'll find it, point it out and yell "clock" at the top of his lungs. He will pick out the tiniest little clock in a busy picture in a book, on the TV, or driving in the car. At the grocery store I have to be as fast as possible in the produce section because he thinks the scales are clocks and is constantly laughing, pointing and yelling "clock". The bad thing is that he can't really make an "L" sound after the hard "c", so it comes out as "cock", which can be quite embarassing in the grocery store when he's randomly yelling "cock" and pointing and laughing. I'm always very quick to say as loudly as I can without seeming weird "yes, that does look like a CLOCK" while accentuating the "L" sound. It's a very strange phase. I guess kids all go through it with something. I remember my brother being obsessed with vaccuums, or "moom mooms" as he called them for the longest time. I'm not sure if I was ever obsessed with a particular object. I'll have to ask my Mom.

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