Monday, May 14, 2012

2012 Week 9: February 26 - March 3

I have a few blog posts scheduled for this week while we're on our trip, so by the time you get this, we should be having a blast at The Happiest Place on Earth!!!

Week 9: February 26 - March 3, 2012:

Week 9 was a super full week that started with a Sunday morning at Keawakapu Beach. I did some Stand-Up Paddling with Tutu, we buried Joel in the sand, and played in the waves. It was a pretty perfect beach day followed by a yummy lunch at 808 Deli (one of our favorite after-beach treats) before driving back to Kahului and resting and then watching the Oscars at home.


Wednesday was Leap Day and I was super excited to figure out that I just happened to have a cute photo of Dean taken on the last Leap Day in 2008 and I started a new tradition of Leap Day photos of Dean (I think I actually did post this on the blog back in February).

Thursday after work I met Joel and Dean at the park in Wailuku for a little playground fun. This is one of Dean's favorite parks and it has a beautiful view of the West Maui Mountains. We picked up a nice healthy dinner of KFC and came home to discover we had an island-wide power outage. We enjoyed our dinner by Coleman Lantern, and tried to keep Dean calm - he seemed very anxious about the power outage and asked lots of questions that we couldn't answer (about how they make electricity and how it gets to our house and how did they run out, etc).

Friday was Dr. Seuss' Birthday! I was the Mystery Reader in Dean's class at school and read the Lorax, one of our favorite books! After school, Dean and I made a few Dr. Seuss themed treats while babysitting Brooklyn for a few hours while Aunty Sarah worked. We planned to watch Horton Hears a Who, but I was too tired from juggling 2 kids all afternoon - Dean being the more difficult of the two for sure. (reconfirmed our decision to be a single child family!).

Here's a look at our Green Eggs and Ham treats:

On Saturday Dean's friend Cole came over for a playdate and the boys had fun playing marble works for a few hours. After the playdate Joel, Dean and I went to see the movie The Lorax and LOVED it! Great end to a really fun week!!

And here's a look at my Project Life layouts for Week 9:


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