Saturday, May 12, 2012

2012 Week 7 - February 12 - February 18

Week 7: February 12 - February 18, 2012:

The majority of this week was consumed with Valentine's Day happenings - making Valentines for Dean's classmates, Valentine's crafts, and receiving adorable Valentines that Dean created at school.

On Friday, I volunteered at Dean's school - giving "Healthy Heart" talks to several classes (In honor of Heart Health Month, I talked about basic heart anatomy and function, as well as ways kids can keep their heart healthy, focusing on nutrition and exercise). Tutu picked Dean up after school and he spent the night at her house so they could go to the Whale Day Parade and festivities at Kalama Park on Saturday with Tutu's friend Denise.

Also on Saturday, Joel played in a co-ed Kickball Tournament with Uncle Vince, Aunty Tina, and lots of others. It was fun watching him play a couple of games.

Saturday night, all on his own, Dean decided he wanted to do a "Sink or Float" experiment. He asked me to make him a chart on the computer and was very specific about how many rows and columns the chart should have. Then he searched his room and other parts of the house for about half an hour for things to use in his experiment. I was EXTREMELY impressed. On his chart, he had a What I think will happen column and a What Happened column where he marked each item "sink" or "float". Before he did the experiment, he marked off if he thought each item would sink or float (he didn't realize it at the time, but he was forming a hypothesis! Go Dean!), then he did his experiment and marked off what actually did happen. It was so cool!!

A funny thing Dean said this week: "Daddy's car is a swimming pool of dirty stuff" - February 16, 2012.

And my Project Life layout for Week 7:

Some of the extra stuff included in this week's layout - a photo of my shopping basket from Whole Foods along with the total ($59.31) for that basket of food - a visual that might be interesting in the future; the tag from the new children's luggage we bought for Dean from Pottery Barn Kids; a funny story about past Valentines exchanged by Joel and I; the tag attached to my Valentine gift from Joel; and a close-up of some Valentine chocolates that Joel gave me.

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