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2012 Week 6 - February 5 - February 11

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Week 6: February 5 - February 11, 2012:

We kicked off week 6 of 2012 by watching the Superbowl on Sunday afternoon in our PJs. Joel enjoyed the exciting game, Jen especially enjoyed the David Beckham commercial, and Dean said he wanted the New York Giants to win because of the Statue of Liberty. Ha! We finished and filed our taxes on Monday, which is always a big relief. Tuesday evening we met Tutu in Kihei for dinner and then booked our Disneyland vacation!! (which is actually happening really soon now! YAY). We'll be enjoying 6 nights at the Disney Grand Californian Resort with a 4-day Park Hopper pass. We are so excited! There was also lots of everyday life happening this week.

Monday was the 100th Day of School and Dean's kindergarten class had a little celebration - they each brought 100 pieces of a snack to share, did lots of "100"-themed learning activities, and even did 10 each of 10 different physical challenges during P.E. However, Dean said he only got to do 3 running laps at the orange cone "because I got a sticker in my shorts. You can't run very good with a sticker in your shorts Mommy". Well, that's certainly true. They also made cute hats to celebrate the day:


I wonder how many pictures on this blog have Dean in his underwear? Oh well. It is how he seems to be most comfortable still. He made a list on his easel this week of "alternate names" for his cat:

We made our weekly trip to the Kahului Library this week. The only book Dean wanted was a book about Uranium and Other Radioactive Elements. I picked out and insisted on a handful of story books too.

Joel has been stopping on Friday mornings and buying tropical flowers from some old local ladies at a roadside stand for $16 - much cheaper than the swap meet!

Saturday morning we took a trip to the Maui Tropical Plantation and fed the ducks and fish and then did a little exploring.

Dean and I worked some more on his Periodic Table puzzle on Saturday afternoon and evening - it was a nice end to a fun week!

And here's a quick look at my Project Life layout for Week 6:

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