Tuesday, May 15, 2012

2012 Week 10 - March 4 - March 10

Week 10: March 4 - March 10, 2012:

Another fun week! Sunday Tutu took Dean to see the musical Grease at Iao Theater while Joel got a little work done and Jen did a little cleaning in preparation for Grandma Jo's upcoming visit later in the week. On Monday, Dean received the Pillar of the Month Award at school. This month's Pillar was "Respect". Mrs. Smith texted me a photo from the morning broadcast of Dean receiving his award from his Principal, Ms. Yamafuji. Mrs. Smith said Dean "consistently does what he is supposed to do and always respects the school rules". His award certificate said she "can always count on Dean to be a quiet listener on the carpet and during line up time". Way to go Dean!

On Tuesday, we attended Pomaika'i Elementary School's Artist In Me event (Tutu came with us) and we learned more about Pomaika'i's Arts Integration Curriculum and got to see some of Dean's artwork, some of the other grades' artwork and performances from the Ukulele Band.

On Wednesday Dean was super excited that his friend Rylee from across the street finally got back to Maui after spending almost 2 years living in Costa Rica! They had a fun playdate after school and got re-acquainted.

Thursday was the last day of school before Spring Break! And also, Grandma Jo arrived for a nice long visit!! Lots of fun Spring Break stuff started happening after that, like sushi eating, watching Taiko drumming performance at Maui Mall, sidewalk chalking, dancing hula in the driveway with yardwork clippings, and helping Daddy do yardwork.


And here's a look at my Project Life layout for Week 10:

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