Thursday, October 30, 2008

For my Cali friends....Prop 8

OK, so I've avoided the political soapbox throughout this campaign season and I'm not going to say anything about the presidential election at the risk of offending my many MANY conservative family and friends {sigh}. Anyway, this post isn't about the presidential election. But it is about a very important issue that I feel very strongly about. I know many of you do not agree with me on this one and that is fine....see, that's one of your basic constitutional rights - to have a different opinion from your friends and neighbors and to be able to freely voice it - freedom of speech I think it's called. We've got lots of cool constitutional rights. In California, there is on the ballot a question about taking away one of those basic constitutional rights. And no, I don't live in California. Many of you don't live in California either. However, I seem to have developed a large blog following (thanks in part to my paper crafting blog) and I do have several friends who are current residents of California. So, if you are able to vote on Proposition 8 in California, please read this now and read it again on the ballot when you cast your vote next week... (this is written by a Californian and will be included with the ballot materials).

Ballot Argument

OUR CALIFORNIA CONSTITUTION – the law of our land – SHOULD GUARANTEE THE SAME FREEDOMS AND RIGHTS TO EVERYONENO ONE group SHOULD be singled out to BE TREATED DIFFERENTLY. {jen here inserting commentary...isn't this true of our NATIONAL CONSTITUTION as well???}

In fact, our nation was founded on the principle that all people should be treated equally. EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW IS THE FOUNDATION OF AMERICAN SOCIETY. {jen again...oh wait, there it is}

That’s what this election is about – equality, freedom and fairness, for all.

Marriage is the institution that conveys dignity and respect to the lifetime commitment of any couple. PROPOSITION 8 WOULD DENY LESBIAN AND GAY COUPLES that same DIGNITY AND RESPECT.

That’s why Proposition 8 is wrong for California.

Regardless of how you feel about this issue, the freedom to marry is fundamental to our society, just like the freedoms of religion and speech.


In fact, the government has no business telling people who can and cannot get married. Just like government has no business telling us what to read, watch on TV or do in our private lives. We don’t need Prop 8; WE DON’T NEED MORE GOVERNMENT IN OUR LIVES.

REGARDLESS OF HOW ANYONE FEELS ABOUT MARRIAGE FOR GAY AND LESBIAN COUPLES, PEOPLE SHOULD NOT BE SINGLED OUT FOR UNFAIR TREATMENT UNDER THE LAWS OF OUR STATE. Those committed and loving couples who want to accept the responsibility that comes with marriage should be treated like everyone else.


When you’re married and your spouse is sick or hurt, there is no confusion: you get into the ambulance or hospital room with no questions asked. IN EVERYDAY LIFE AND ESPECIALLY IN EMERGENCY SITUATIONS, DOMESTIC PARTNERSHIPS ARE SIMPLY NOT ENOUGH. Only marriage provides the certainty and the security that people know they can count on in their times of greatest need.

EQUALITY UNDER THE LAW IS A FUNDAMENTAL CONSTITUTIONAL GUARANTEE. Prop 8 separates one group of Californians from another and excludes them from enjoying the same rights as other loving couples.

Forty-six years ago I married my college sweetheart, Julia. We raised three children – two boys and one girl. The boys are married, with children of their own. Our daughter, Liz, a lesbian, can now also be married – if she so chooses.

All we have ever wanted for our daughter is that she be treated with the same dignity and respect as her brothers – with the same freedoms and responsibilities as every other Californian.

My wife and I never treated our children differently, we never loved them any differently and now the law doesn’t treat them differently, either.

Each of our children now has the same rights as the others, to choose the person to love, commit to and to marry.

Don’t take away the equality, freedom and fairness that everyone in California – straight, gay or lesbian – deserves.

Please join us in voting NO on Prop 8.

{OK, Jen here again....hopping down from my soapbox...thank you for humoring me}.
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