Friday, October 3, 2008

Watermelon, not corn

Dean LOVES watermelon!! He ate an entire quarter of one last night for dessert, which made for an interesting diaper this morning. He was so funny eating it though. He kept saying "corn", like he thought it was corn for some reason. I think it was because you eat it kind of like you eat corn on the cob?? Who knows. He's also started giving me a fake smile that's REALLY funny. I say "smile, Dean" and he does this full on, squinty-eyed, totally cheesey, open mouthed grin. It's so cute!! Here are a few pics. I also took some video of him eating the watermelon and doing his cheesey smile that I'll upload later tonight, but it's pretty long.

These last 2 are of his new fake smile...

The 86th Annual Maui County Fair is going on this weekend and I guess we're going to do the parently thing and take Dean. Neither of us are really into the whole "fair crowd", but I think it might be fun to see Dean see some of the interesting sights (but there aren't many....those of you who are thinking mainland fair, this isn't really the same, it's pretty small....but it's still cool for Maui!!). There is a carousel, which I can't do without puking, but Joel can take Dean on it and there should be a small petting zoo (that MIGHT have a pig and a goat and some chickens if we're lucky). I'm excited to have some funnel cake. Anyway, my point is, check back later this weekend for some fair pics!!

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