Sunday, October 5, 2008

86th Annual Maui County Fair

OK, so there are like 25 pictures here...I just couldn't narrow it down any more than this!!! Sorry!! We actually had a pretty good time. It was crowded and dusty, but we were smart and didn't even try to take the stroller (Dean is still boycotting the stroller these days and insists on walking wherever we go, no matter how tired and cranky he gets).We got to pet some pigs and cows and bunnies (Dean didn't like the pig and wouldn't touch it, but ran right up to the VERY big cow). Joel took Dean on the big Carousel, which Dean was excited about until the horse started moving up and down, then he wanted off.
I can't ride most carnival rides (motion sickness), but I did take Dean down the gigantic slide, which might have been the funniest part of the whole evening!!! The slide was HUGE and as soon as Dean saw it, he started pulling us towards it, saying "slide, slide", so we bought some tickets and climbed up the tall, narrow step, the whole time Dean trying to cut in front of people - he couldn't wait to get to the top of the slide!! he just kept saying "slide" over and over and laughing. Well, when we got to the top and sat down, he decided he didn't want to go after all and started screaming and trying to climb over me to get off. There was no way we could climb back down that narrow staircase with all those people on it, so I told the guy to just pry his hands off the rails and give us a push, we were going. Dean did NOT want to go, but we went! He screamed until we started moving, then I thought he might have liked it until I saw the pictures (HILARIOUS!!!). When we got to the bottom, he couldn't get off my lap fast enough!!!
This is Dean deciding he didn't want to slide after all...I'm cracking up at the little girl next to us looking at him like he's crazy!!

Dean got over his slide trauma pretty quickly though when he saw the firetruck!! And the firemen were nice enough to let him climb up and play with all the dial and levers and guages for a little while. He LOVED it!

Dean and Joel with the 2nd and 3rd place pumpkins - the 3rd place pumpkin weighed 425 lbs!!!
And here's the first place pumpkin...

Dean does love his corn on the cob....

We decided to let Dean have a treat and try some Cotton Candy, but he did NOT want that stuff. I think he was actually kind of afraid of it. He wouldn't even try a little taste. Weird kid.

We WOULD try the grape sipper!!! YUM!

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