Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Waihou Springs Trail

We went hiking last Sunday morning Upcountry. Joel and I were feeling nostalgic for fall and figured some time in the Tree Research area above Olinda Upcountry was just what we needed! It was awesome! It smells SOOOO good up there - just like fall - damp leaves, cedar, and a little eucalyptus! This was Dean's first fully solo hike - meaning we didn't even bother taking the kid backpack carrier thing. He did pretty good, hiking a little over a mile before getting fussy. I think if we had gone about an hour earlier he would have made it even farther (it was getting a little close to naptime). Here are some pics...

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Mrs. Miles said...

Thanks for visiting my blog - I decided to do the same, glad I did.

This looks like a BEAUTIFUL place - and a wonderful place to hike. I liked how you added in that it smelled nice, for thats something one can't see from photos.

Your lil guy is SO CUTE - looks like he took to hiking right away!

I was amused by your previous post - you have a gift for writing.

I'll bookmark your site for future visits. Have a great day.

~ Barb (Mrs. Miles(