Tuesday, November 4, 2008


So I know not everyone reading this blog agrees with us on this, but the Maui Taplers are celebrating an exciting historical moment this evening. We feel renewed faith in the democratic process, hope for the future of this wonderful country and just plain happy at the outcome of the presidential election. We feel very strongly that the changes President-Elect Obama is going to bring to Washington will mean greater financial security for our sometimes struggling middle-class (ok, maybe lower-middle class) family, a cleaner and safer planet for our son to grow up, a better education system for Dean to learn all he needs to learn to be successful in life, and a wealth of other important changes that I won't go into here. I cried as I listened to Obama give his acceptance speech tonight - what powerful and moving words and what a truly wonderful man we have chosen to lead our country for the next 4 years.

I wanted to capture a few photos for Dean's scrapbook of today's important events and I think these pictures tell the story quite well...

Dean showing his excitement and awe that we won!!! (in case you can't read it, the TV says "Breaking News: NBC News Projects Obama Elected President").
Giving President Obama kisses...
Giving President Obama a high five...
And finally, the cutest of them all (and this one's not even prompted)...giving President Obama "knuckles"!!!!!
Do we live in a great country or what!?!?!?

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