Saturday, November 15, 2008

Backyard Camping

Dean has been obsessed with making forts lately...except for some reason, no matter how many times we try to explain to him that the correct terminology is "fort", he continues to call it a "house". He LOVES to pull the cushions off the couch and lay them over the edge of the couch and coffee table and play underneath, or have us hang a quilt over the backs of a few chairs. Sometimes he happily invites us inside his "house" and sometimes he literally shoves us out saying "No. Dean's house". He has started requesting a "house" every single night when he goes to bed, refusing to go to sleep without it - we put his toddler quilt over the top of his crib, hanging over the sides, making a "house" out of his crib. Anyway, as we were cleaning up some things in the garage today, Joel decided it might be fun for Dean to play in the tent, so Joel set it up in the backyard and Dean absolutely LOVED it!!! He laughed and squealed nonstop for about an hour! It was so funny!!! We still haven't taken him camping for real yet {gasp}, but have decided that after Grandma Jo's visit (she gets here Wednesday for 2 whole weeks!!!), we're going to take Dean and his "house" Upcountry and camp. It's about time.

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