Monday, November 10, 2008


No, I'm not channeling Van Halen....we went to a keiki birthday party in Haiku Saturday evening and they had a bouncy castle. Dean had so much fun jumping with the big kids!! Here he case you can't find him, he was the only haole (white) kid there!

Giving Taylor hugs...he's such a little flirt. Actually, he was giving EVERYONE hugs, even the boys who didn't necessarily want hugs. He obviously hasn't learned about personal boundaries yet. Oh well...

Sharing is caring....even if Taylor doesn't want your stick!

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Justine said...

ALOHA - I Stumbled over here from your blog which I had discovered over on PCP. I feel like we are kin. Couldn't help but notice that your hubby supports OU. Our family is "originally from OK" and our daughter just graduated from OU. We consider Hawaii home but are currently stationed overseas , on yet another island with a volcano (Sicily). Eventually we will be back and plan on retiring on either Oahu or my preference, Maui. Obviously we also have papercrafting/cardmaking in common as well. So again Aloha.