Sunday, March 7, 2010

Friday Morning at the Tropical Plantation

Dean and I spent about an hour Friday morning hanging out at the Maui Tropical Plantation. It had been awhile since we went to feed the ducks and run around. Dean had a blast. He was less interested in the ducks this time, but still doesn't want to share his bread - stuffing piece after piece into his own mouth as fast as he can to keep from having to feed it to the ducks. After the bread was gone, we went up to this big grassy area above the duckpond and I just sat and let Dean wear himself out running around. He was pretty cute...

Sometime in the middle of all that running around, Dean took a break to drink an entire juice box, then went back to running around. Then he got a tummy ache. I asked him if he had a stitch in his side and he was horrified. He pulled up his shirt to look and kept feeling to see if there was anything there. I think he thought I meant Stitch from the movie Lilo and Stitch!!
Then we walked around the gardens a little bit and Dean found these little round seeds that fall off some palm tree and got super excited. He called them "cloons". I have no idea what that means, I'm pretty sure he just made up the word (he makes up A LOT of words). He gathered up a bunch of cloons, then made up a very elaborate game that consisted of rolling cloons down a groove in a bench to the ground. He won "11 medals" and I won "12 medals" playing the cloon game!! So cute.
Anyway, I took a really long - 5 minutes - (and noisy - sorry, it was a super windy day) video of him as he made up the cloon game. You'll have to just deal with the noise of me talking really loud and the wind and turn up your volume so you can hear Dean. I know it's annoying. Sorry. But hopefully it's worth it so you can see the way Dean's little genius 3-yr-old mind works!!! It was too long to post directly to the blog, so I uploaded it to YouTube and am going to try embedding it here. In case it doesn't work and you can't see the video, HERE is the link to the video at YouTube.

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