Monday, March 22, 2010

Friday Evening at Kalama

March 7, 2010

We spent Friday evening, March 7 at Kalama Park in Kihei. We used to do this almost every Friday evening when we lived in Kihei. In fact, when I was pregnant with Dean, Joel and I would go get a gas station hot dog at 7-11 across the street (ok, I'll admit it - I would have 2 of them - the big juicy Jumbo hot dogs with TONS of mustard!!) and go sit and watch the kids roller skating in the outdoor skating rink that is about 25 feet from the ocean at Kalama Park as we enjoyed sunset and the cool ocean breezes (this is when we lived in our HOT Kihei condo without air conditioning...and again, I was pregnant). We'd walk all around the park and just enjoy being outside. It's kind of a friday night tradition. Then even after Dean was born, when he was a baby, we continued this a few times a month until we moved to town. Now we don't go as much. But everytime we do, we always say we should do it more often.

Anyway, the intent of this particular outing was to let Dean watch the kids skating on the roller rink - thinking we could trick him into believing it was like Apolo Ohno, since he's been very disappointed in the lack of Apolo Ohno on TV since the Olympics (or "Malympics" as Dean calls them) ended. And no, his fascination with Apolo Ohno and Short Track speed skating has not fizzled out. In fact, THIS is what he sat down and created this morning before school to take for show and tell on his first day back after Spring Break:

He wrote that himself - only asking for a little help with the spelling, wanting to know if there were 1 or 2 "L's" in Apolo. He knew the numbers. (He did ask me to fix the "5", getting upset that it looked too much like an "S" after he wrote it. So I made the top of it a little more straight for him, but other than that, he wrote it all on his own). Then he wanted to put the stars on there for the medals. He already knew he needed 8 stars, but he wanted me to look up on "Noodle" (that is Dean-speak for "Google" - I think it's adorable that he thinks it's called Noodle. He'll say "Mommy, I need to Noodle something" and get on the computer and start typing. It's not that he can't say Google, he just thinks it's Noodle.) how many stars needed to be gold, silver and bronze. Then he wanted to know what color bronze was. I told him blue would work, so his picture has 2 gold stars, 2 silver stars and 4 blue stars to represent Apolo Ohno's 2 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 4 bronze medals. I do not know where my child gets these ideas, but he woke up this morning talking about Apolo Ohno. Of course, he was also talking about "Space Storms", so who knows?

So anyway, back to our friday night at the park...Joel had a client in Kihei late friday afternoon, so Dean and I met him at the park after that. Joel picked up some Da Kitchen for dinner and we had a little picnic on the rocks while watching the Humpback whales play at sunset. Dean and I shared our favorite Da Kitchen meal - Kalua pig (Dean is NOT a meat eater and Kalua pig is just about the only meat he ever consumes, but it is pretty good!! - as in tasty, NOT healthy!). After we ate, Dean played at the park for about an hour and was not the least bit interested in watching roller skating. I tried telling him it was "like Apolo Ohno" and he just looked at me like I was crazy. He didn't even bother responding. So much for thinking we could maybe trick him into thinking roller blading was the same as ice skating!! Poor kid. No ice skating on Maui. Maybe some day we can take a trip to Oahu and let him try out ice skating. It would almost be worth the trip just to let him see some Short Track skating in person!

So here are some Kalama Park pics...

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