Friday, December 18, 2009

Thanksgiving Feast

I'm waaaaay behind on sharing photos here on the ole blog, I know. I'm going to try to get caught up before Christmas! We've been SUPER busy for the past month with lots of exciting things going on and then before I know it, I have a whole pile of photos to share!! Sorry about that! I try to keep this blog updated regularly not just so all of you know what's going on with Dean, but also for journaling purposes - it really is the best baby book ever!! I love going back and looking at the older posts and seeing how much Dean has grown and developed over the months and reading about all the funny (and not-so-funny) things he's said and done! He's quickly figuring out this computer business -he can already type in and navigate his way around that website pretty well to find and play his favorite games (and yes, I'm figuring out the parental controls on my computer!!) - so I'm sure it won't be long before he's enjoying this blog too!

Anyway, the day before Thanksgiving, Dean's preschool had a large Thanksgiving Feast that was lots of fun! I was very impressed with this event! Each class gave a little performance (although the Roly Polys - Dean's class - were pretty reluctant to do much of anything with all of those parents in attendance!!) and then the entire school did a couple of really cute group performances including a Japanese song and what sounded like a Hawaiian poem. Dean's class dressed up like Turkeys - they make their hats themselves. They looked so cute!!

After the performances, we all ate a ton of yummy food!! There was a complete Thanksgiving dinner served for the entire school and their families. It was so nice!! We had lots of fun even though Dean seemed pretty overwhelmed and a little confused by having all those extra people at school! Joel and I enjoyed sitting with the Shapiros and Dean got to hang out with Charlie at school (he doesn't normally get to do this as they attend on different days and Charlie is a Turtle while Dean is a Roly Poly). Here are Dean and Charlie enjoying their lunch:
And just because I think this picture is HILARIOUS:
Dean LOVES the swings at school! He was never a fan of swinging until he figured out how to pump his legs and now you can't get him off the swings. There he is working REALLY hard at swinging as high as he can!!

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