Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Preparations

This year marked the first year OF MY ENTIRE LIFE that I've ever had a real LIVE Christmas Tree. And I'll be the first to tell you that it will probably be the last. At least as long as we live on Maui! We still have a week until Christmas and the damn thing is already pretty much dead. I'm not sure what I expected since I knew that they packed the things into a container and shipped them over on a boat (which takes 3-5 weeks - without water!!) from the mainland and then it probably sat in the container on the dock for another week in the 80+ degree heat waiting for one of our few agricultural inspectors (we're short-staffed due to major state budget cuts) to inspect them (and LOTS of trees got sent back this year due to bugs and other invasive species). Because of the huge shortage of trees this year, we bought ours early - I didn't want to miss out and not have a tree!! But of course, that decision is biting me in the ass now that we're going to have a totally dead tree by the time Christmas finally gets here!! Oh well. I'm happy that I can now say I've experienced a live tree and the house did smell sooooo good for about a week! But man, I can't wait to get that stupid thing out of here and out on the curb for the rubbish truck to come haul off!! (Just so you know Jo, I'll be hauling you out bright and early the day after Christmas to hit all those sales on pre-lit beautiful non-smelling, non-needle-dropping, non-dying FAKE Christmas trees!!)

And in case you didn't catch that, we're all super excited that Grandma Jo and Grandpa CR are coming for Christmas this year!! They'll be arriving on Christmas Eve!!

Anyway, here are some pics of our Holiday Preparations this year....

Dean checking out the Lego Advent Calendar. I totally ruined it and opened up the last one on the first day! ooops! Personally, I think Advent Calendars should count DOWN the days until you should open the number 25 first, so that when you look at it you instantly know how many days are left. Well, it turns out most of them aren't designed that way and the very best prize (Santa) was under the number 25. Good thing Dean didn't seem to care about any of it much at all!!Me stringing the lights on the REAL Christmas tree - another thing that seems like a complete waste of time - CRAZY - stringing all these lights for just a few weeks! At least with a fake tree, all this work can be left on year after year!! And look at all those stupid needles!! What a mess:
Dean "helping" decorate the tree:
Totally cheesin':
More fake, cheesy smiles:
Joel putting the lights in the palm trees in the front yard:

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