Tuesday, December 8, 2009

School Pictures

Well, I've decided to go ahead and ruin Christmas for some of you. But oh well. I just couldn't wait to share these pictures. They turned out surprisingly well. Perfect actually. 90% of my school photos are hidden away in a box under the bed, hopefully never to see the light of day in all their awkwardness. But these gems are good enough to be framed and whipped out of the little plastic photo holders inside Grandparents' wallets and shown off with pride!!! Take a look: (keep in mind these are scanned copies of originals)
And how about this class photo? I was there when they were taking these and let me tell you, it was HILARIOUS watching them try to get twenty 2 & 3 year olds to all sit down together and look at the camera at the same time!! About like what I imagine herding cats is like! But it turned out quite well!

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