Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Dean!!

I can't believe Dean is 3 years old!! Yesterday, December 6, was Dean's birthday. We celebrated on Saturday with a small party at Keopuolani Park Playground in Kahului with several of Dean's best buddies, their parents, some good friends and of course, the fabulous babysitter Sarah!! Dean's friends Hayden, Ryenna and Cole from school were there. I enjoyed hanging out with Ryenna's Mom, Callie, a little more. We met Ryenna and Callie a few years ago when Dean and Ryenna were taking Music Together classes before they were a year old and now they're classmates in the Roly Poly class at Children's Garden!! Dean's friend Noah and his Mom Lauren were at the party too. Dean and Noah go way back, all the way to when they were still inside the belly! Joel and I met Lauren when we were taking childbirth classes together. Dean was due on Dec 25 and Noah was due on the 23rd. Both boys came a few weeks early (Noah's birthday was Nov 30). Charlie (my good friend Ellyn's youngest) was also at the party of course and we were all really glad to have Sarah the babysitter there to help keep an eye on all the kids!! My good friend Sarah and her girlfriend Tiare stopped by too with Sarah's neice Lily and nephew Ezra. Dean was SUPER excited too that Uncle Vince stopped by and even made him a hand-made card!! It was all good fun!!

Dean of course got way spoiled with lots of really awesome presents!! He has more toys than he knows what to do with!! The biggest hit though was definitely the little digital camera Joel and I got him (I do know my son!!). The little smarty already knows how to hook it up to the computer and get his pictures off of it. Pretty soon he'll be doing these blog posts for me!! I'm just hoping this means he'll leave MY camera alone now!

Anyway, here are some pics of Dean having fun at his party. We wish all of you could have been here to celebrate with us!!

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