Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Little Artist

I'll be posting a few things over the next several days, trying to catch up on my pics from December and the first part of this year.

Dean is such a creative little guy! For a two year old, I think he does pretty good with coloring and drawing. His favorite is painting! He LOVES to watercolor, but we don't do it very often because it's just so messy! I've discovered that he does really well with colored pencils - he has surprisingly good control with them and scribbles a lot more than he does with the fat chunky crayons! His artistic genes are already shining through...{waving to Uncle Jason}

For Dean's birthday we got him this little art desk I happened to find at Costco (I just happened to be there at the right time, because things like this do NOT last long here on Maui and are soooo hard to find!!). He loves it! He'll sit at his desk (he prefers to use the easel rather than the lowered desktop) and color. Or he'll lower the desktop and play with play-doh - it's turned out to be a great little investment as it entertains him alone in his room for nice long stretches!!A few days before Christmas, Dean got to make his first Holiday Craft Project (this will be a new tradition at our house!!). I picked up this ready-to-paint wooden Christmas Tree at Ben Franklin and grabbed some Crayola acrylic paints and some sponge brushes and Dean went to town. Oh, but we did discover that he REFUSES to wear an artist smock!! (and I bought the cutest little smock too! But as you can see he did NOT like it!!! This is exactly why we gave up on bibs too...same reaction).

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