Friday, January 30, 2009

February already!?!?

Well, we've had a bit of a rough week around here. It all started last weekend when Dean started running a temperature that lasted for several days with his only other symptoms being EXTREME crankiness and not-so-interested-in-eating (even less than usual) or sleeping. I finally decided that his 2nd set of molars were coming in when he developed a runny nose and started drooling like crazy. Poor kid. Well, then Wednesday I started feeling crappy and now I'm sick. So I don't know. Maybe he was just sick. He still doesn't have any extra teeth and seems to be over most of his symptoms (except he's still eating even less than normal) except for a little bit of lingering "hana buttah" (that's pidgin for snotty nose). I, on the other hand, feel like dog poo. I called in sick to work Thursday and stayed in bed most of the day. I do feel a little better today, but still have lots of nasty congestion. And now Joel's starting to feel icky as well. Here are some pictures of sick little Dean last Saturday....this is pretty much all he did all day...more TV watching & binky having than he's normally allowed!!!Sunday morning Joel and Dean stopped by the Tropical Plantation to feed the ducks. Dean always loves this, although he's not very good at sharing his bread. He eats more than he gives the ducks, which is funny. Maybe if we got a pet duck he would eat better at home?Sunday evening we did venture out so Joel could go on the "Grand Walk" with Dean. This is one of Dean's favorite things to do in the whole world. My Mom takes him on the "Grand Walk" almost every Monday evening and Great Grandma Joan usually tags along. They park at the Shops at Wailea and then walk through the lobby and grounds of the Grand Wailea Resort, which is really cool. They have their little route with Dean's favorite things - he loves throwing money at the mermaid in the fountain in the main lobby, riding the elevator and counting down the numbers out loud as they show up above the door, sitting in the gazebo (and gazebo is one of his new favorite words), peeking inside the "baby house" (the baby house is actually a little shack where soiled towels go, but Dean calls it a Baby House), walking across the swinging bridge & hiding in the cave in the pool area, and walking through the "jungle" on the way back to the hotel. They usually stop for ice cream after their walk, which is also a big hit. Here's a picture of Dean and Joel in one of the gazebos and also the AMAZING sunset we had that night.My Mom & Grandma Joan came and picked up Dean on Thursday morning to take him to a Chinese New Year celebration in Wailea. Dean got to see a traditional Chinese Lion Dance and got to feed the lion money inside a red envelope, bringing him good luck and prosperity in the new year. Mom said he was pretty fascinated by the whole thing, but you can see in the picture he wasn't too sure about getting that close to the lion....


Shelly said...

If you're still congested, i'm sure I could buy you some of my horseradish mustard (I wrote a rant about it on my blog, haha). FEEL BETTER THOUGH! Also, I find it amusing that Dean has his giraffe because my stuffed animal that travels everywhere with me is a giraffe named Towers (he's the beanie baby giraffe) And I love the shirt Dean wears that is the fake tux.

Also.. you have the most amazing sunsets ever. They are just beautiful.

And finally-- I've never seen a duck like that.

Justine said...

Yes I am officially going to cry for real now. Can I come live with ou. I mean Dave is going to be gone for 6 whole months and Emily is moving home to Oahu, so it will be just Adam and I????