Sunday, January 4, 2009

Finally...Christmas Day

OK, OK!!! I know. It's been awhile. I just now feel like I'm recovered from my first Christmas-with-a-Toddler. How exhausting!!! I have more pictures to show you of happenings since Christmas, but I'll start with Christmas Day pics for now and promise to catch up before the end of the week!!

Christmas morning started bright and early at 6:00 am when Dean woke us up!! We had a late night the night before with Joel putting together the Lifestyle Kitchen (I did my part by attaching the decorative stickers in their designated places)!! So Dean woke me up and it took a few minutes for me to wake Joel up, but then we all headed into the living room to see if Santa had come...and boy did Santa go a little overboard this year!!! :-) Dean was soooo excited that there were "More Presents!!!" and he just kept saying that over and over. Of course, the first thing he saw was the kitchen and he immediately had to open up all the drawers and cabinets and right away pretended to cook me some "Oni Cheese" (translation: Macaroni and Cheese). In addition to the kitchen, Santa brought Dean some more Main Street Village collections, including a big "On the Go" travel collection that has real moving train set! Dean LOVES his "village", especially the train! He also got a "clean up" set that included a vaccuum with detachable handvac, broom and dustpan, mop and little kid-sized squirt bottle. He's always trying to help me clean and LOVES to sweep, so I thought he'd really enjoy having a Dean-sized broom especially!! He also got some new books and puzzles, a dinosaur, a super soft NAP teddy bear from Brookstone, and a Little Tikes basketball goal (that was from Great Grandma Joan).Dean with all of his Santa loot
Playing with his VillageOpening the last present - the basketball goal
After presents, my Mom and Dad and Grandma Joan came over for Christmas Lunch and for us to wish my Dad a Happy Birthday (he's a Christmas am I glad Dean came a few weeks early and wasn't born on his due date, which was Christmas Day!!). Joel cooked a delicious roast with potatoes and carrots. After lunch Mom and Joel played dueling Super Mario Brothers on their Nintendo DS's and we all just kind of sat around and enjoyed the day! It was pretty close to perfect!!

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Amanda said...

so a response 2 weeks later...I just went to the Step 2 website and ordered them, is the shipping too much to Hawaii?? I'm going to check in on the train set, Cage's entire room is trains, he LOVES them. thanks again for the head's up, hope Dean is enjoying all his "loot"!!