Thursday, May 1, 2008

All boy

Yep, he's ALL boy!! Right down to the constantly grubby hands. I thought these were really cute pics of him playing with his little bulldozer Balin gave him for his birthday and with his Mega Blocks dump truck in the yard. You'll notice his habit of sticking out his tongue almost constantly (reminds me of my Great Grandma Williams - most of my memories of her involve her sitting in her chair holding her dog with her tongue sticking out). I can tell Dean's really into something if his tongue is out!!

Those are some BIG shoes to fill!!! I came into the living room this afternoon and Dean was standing there watching TV with his feet in his Daddy's running shoes. It was so cute! Of course by the time I grabbed the camera, he had already run right out of them!! So we had to stage these pics a little, but they're almost as cute as his spontaneous shoe-wearing! Now if we could just get him to wear shoes that actually fit him....

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