Thursday, May 15, 2008


We've been having weird internet issues this week, so I'm behind on my posting -sorry!! I have a couple of posts I'll add tonight.

We spent Saturday last weekend hanging out with Lonnie & Joy Hamilton, who were here visiting on one of the Hawaiian Cruise Ships. Mr. Hamilton was my all-time favorite teacher - I had him a couple of times throughout high school, but the most memorable class was AP American History (for which I received 6 hours of college credit after passing the exam, thank you very much!!). Seriously, he was an AWESOME teacher who had a huge impact on my academic life. I was also involved in a couple of extracurricular activities he sponsored (Close-Up Government Studies Program and the El Reno City Council Student Advisory Board). My parents got to know him through parent-teacher conferences and also thought he was great! My Mom joined us on the Close-Up week-long trip to Washington, DC my senior year and got to know both Mr. Hamilton, his wife Joy and Joy's amazing father on that trip. They've kept in touch sporadically over the years and when the Hamiltons planned their Hawaii vacation we were excited to be able to spend a few days with them!! ANYWAY...Joel, Dean and I met them at Seawatch in Wailea for breakfast Saturday morning, which was nice (except that Dean is NOT fun to take to a restaurant right now...we're working on that). After breakfast we all made the pretty drive Upcountry to Ulupalakua to tour the winery at Tedeschi Vineyards. The weather Upcountry was AMAZING and Dean especially enjoyed running around the large park-like grounds of the winery while we all had a tasting and did the tour. It was so nice to see the Hamiltons and catch up. I still count Mr. Hamilton as one of the most influential persons in my life (in a very positive way!!). Here are some pics from our Saturday...

Jen, Lonnie & Joy

Dean's sign for airplane....if he hears anything that sounds remotely like an airplane (be it actual airplane, helicopter, motorcycle, lawnmower, etc) he points at the sky.

Dean and Grandpa Eddie "cruising" the grounds at Tedeschi Vineyards.

Such a cutie!!

Dean and Grandpa Eddie

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Amanda said...

I totally agree about Mr. Hamilton! Love him, love him! When friends are talking about high school I always bring his name up, favorite and most inspirational teacher by far! That's so cool you guys keep in touch!