Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dean Talking (kind of)

So I've been trying to get a video of Dean's new tricks for WEEKS now and it just doesn't happen. (see second video - it's self explanatory why I can't seem to get a video of him these days). I thought this was pretty cute though. You can hear him say 2 of his words..."All Done" or "All Gone" (I don't know which it is....I say all done, my mom says all gone) and "bye". In the second video, you can hear him say "hey" right at the beginning, then "wheeee" (this is what he says anytime he slides down a slide, slides off a chair, slides off your lap, you get the picture) and "hi". Most recently he's been saying "cool", "dude", sometimes "cool dude", "wow", "whoa" and sometimes "whoa dude", and trying to repeat just about everything. Oh, I think you have to actually go to the blog to play the videos...they don't work from the e-mail. You can get to the blog by clicking here.

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