Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2011 Preschool Easter Bonnet Parade

Last week Thursday, Children's Garden Preschool held their Easter celebration and Easter Bonnet Parade for the kids. Thursday isn't one of Dean's normal school days, but because it was a special celebration, all of the children were able to attend for several hours in the morning. Parents were also invited for the special event. The school was decorated and they really went all-out this year - it was so cute! My Mom and I took Dean around 9:30 (the celebration was set to begin at 10:00) and he went with the other Dolphin kids to practice their songs and dance while the parents "hid" Easter Eggs. You may recall from my post about this event last year that the term Easter Egg "Hunt" seems inaccurate in that the eggs aren't really hidden so much as just scattered about all over the place! The same was true again this year. SO. MANY. Eggs. After the eggs were "hidden", parents gathered on the lanai and started pushing and shoving (not really, but almost) for the best seats / standing positions to view the Easter Bonnet Parade and Show. Dean was in the first group to go this year and he was so cute! The kids each decorated their own "bonnet" and they all seemed really proud! The kids all came across the "stage" (really it was just the front of the lanai) in pairs - usually a boy and a girl arm in arm and introduced themselves and said "Happy Easter" (sometimes they only got out part of this or none at all, but it was cute! Dean said both his name and Happy Easter, but it wasn't very loud). It was interesting that they paired him up with one of the only other platinum-blonde kids in his class and I had to wonder if this was on purpose for some reason? It didn't matter - they were adorable.

You can see Dean and his buddy Charlie patiently waiting inside with some of their classmates:

After they walked across the "stage", they went inside the Dolphin class and sat down to wait for the rest of their classmates to finish. Once they were all done, the entire Dolphin class came out on the stage and sang 2 songs. Dean didn't really sing the song - he was too busy trying to keep his hat on his head (his head was slightly too large for his small hat!).

Once all 3 classes finished their parades and sang and danced for the parents, the Easter Egg Hunts began!!
Dean had to make sure there weren't any eggs hidden on the slide!

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