Monday, April 4, 2011

A Kind Deed

Dean wanted to make Great Grandma Joan a card yesterday {Great Grandma Joan - you can act surprised when you get this in the mail sometime next week}. We've been talking to him about "Being KIND" to others and DOING kind deeds to make other people happy and how doing nice things for others that makes them happy can make him really happy too - so when we were talking about that and I had told him to just be watching for KIND things he could do to brighten others' days, he said very excitedly "I know! I can make a card for Great Grandma Joan! Would that be kind?" and got a great big smile on his face. I told him yes, that would be kind. So he gathered up his markers and asked me to cut him a card out of cardstock paper and then he decorated the whole thing himself. One of Dean's favorite songs is Roy G. Biv, it's about a "Colorful man at the rainbow's end". Here's the music video so you too can learn about the color spectrum (it's kind of awesome. And bonus that it's by one of my favorite bands from way back - They Might be Giants!),

So anyway, he wanted to make Great Grandma Joan a Rainbow card, which I thought was appropriate (because apparently I was an accomplished rainbow draw-er as a child and Grandma Joan has a framed drawing of a rainbow I did as a young child and I think she also has one my Mom did of a rainbow as a young child too. So this will be a nice addition to her collection). Dean wanted to know first if she liked rainbows and I told him that yes, she loved rainbows. There was a little meltdown when he was writing the words on the front in rainbow colors (a different color for each letter and he ran out of colors before he got to the end of the word "you", so I suggested he just add a bunch of exclamation points on the end and it would be like he was shouting the words to her, which he was pretty excited about. So then he wanted to add exclamation points to everything in the card - so you'll understand why there are exclamation points after the "from" on the inside!! ha!). He decorated the whole card - front, inside and back - in his own creative way with no suggestions from me. The back of the card is a self portrait - he wanted to draw a picture of himself so she would know it was from him! And then he drew a little arrow from his name to the picture of him, just in case she couldn't figure that out!

Here's a look at the front of the card:
And the inside of the card (opened up) - he likes to draw "swirlies" and he added the sun and some rain - because how in the world do you think you GET a rainbow anyway!? and a heart and then a mini rainbow but "without red because there's not much sun inside the card" (I don't know what that means?):
And the back of the card with the self portrait:
So there you have it! The creative genius of a 4.25-yr-old!! :-)

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