Thursday, April 1, 2010

Preschool Easter Bonnet Parade

Dean's preschool had their Easter program this morning and it was sooooo cute!! I am mildly sick to my stomach to realize that I took about 100 pictures of Dean and Charlie and a few of his other buddies with my "good" camera only to realize after the fact that I had stupidly left my memory card at home. duh. I was just snapping away completely oblivious. Fortunately for you though, I had given Ellyn my little camera to take video during the "parade", only I forgot to set it to video, so she ended up snapping a few photos of Dean actually wearing his Easter Hat - totally a Happy Accident! Yay for my 2nd stupid moment of the day! :-) Oh well. Ellyn did take a cute video of Dean actually participating with his class while they sang the Peter Cottontail song, so I'll publish that in a separate post in a bit. And I did realize my Memory Card mistake after the parade, before the Egg Hunt - so I did get some pics of Dean during the Egg Hunt with my little camera. But I'm still bummed. I know I got some great shots of Charlie singing with the Turtle Class and then of Dean walking across the little "Stage" wearing his hat and a few others of Cole, Natia and some of Dean's other friends from the Roly Poly class.

So anyway, the kids all made their Easter Bonnets ("it's a HAT, Mom!" explained Dean) and then they walked across the little "stage" area on the deck at the school one by one, in "parade" fashion to show off their hats and said "Happy Easter" to all the parents. It was so cute. As they started - the Turtle Class (or middle age group - this is Charlie's class) went first - I was thinking there was NO WAY Dean was going to do that, especially not wearing a HAT! (he NEVER wears ANYTHING on his head!!). He totally surprised me and I could see him patiently (well, patiently for Dean) waiting his turn, and then when it was finally his turn, he marched right to the middle of the stage and said "Happy Easter" and then continued right on off and went to stand with his classmates. He did so good!! It was definitely a proud Mommy moment!! Here are the photos of him in his Easter Hat walking across the stage:

Patiently waiting for Sara (one of his teachers) to tell him it's his turn to go across the stage:
After the Parade, there was a big Easter Egg Hunt (they used the word "Hunt" lightly - it was more like a free-for-all as there were so many eggs that they really weren't hidden so much as just EVERYWHERE!). But the kids had a blast!

This photo is to prove to everyone that my child is not the ONLY one who never wears shoes! ha!:
Dean was very particular about which eggs he wanted - it was so funny. he'd skip right over lots of eggs and obviously was going for very specific eggs. He filled his bucket, then started trying to stuff his pockets!I love all of the "green" crafts they do at Children's Garden - like the Easter "Baskets" the kids made out of recycled milk cartons. Here is Dean showing his off: So cute!!

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The Royalty Family said...

must be the Easter craft of the year. Cameron did the same thing in school.