Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fun time on a Saturday Night

Last weekend we had some good friends over - mostly because Joel and "the guys" were watching the fights. Aris and Heidi came by with their 3 girls. (Heidi was Joel's boss at his first job on Maui at Child and Family Services and they went on to become good friends and Joel has since become good friends with Heidi's husband Aris). It was also fun to hang out again with JoJo and Lorly and their girls Sienna and Samaira. (JoJo and Lorly were in our childbirthing class and Sienna was born about 5 days before Dean, and now they live just right down the street from us!). Heidi also brought along one of her girlfriends, Jackie, who it turns out is a nurse on OB/GYN at Kaiser and I already knew from work (the OB dept is right across the hall from the PT dept, so we run into each other all the time at work!) - so yeah, Maui is a pretty small island!! Joel's good friend and former boss, Vince, also came over to watch the fights. But anyway, Dean was excited because he got to hang out with some of his lady friends he doesn't get to see very often - specifically Sienna, Taylor and Nicole. And of course, he always loves hanging out with Uncle Vince! Here are some pics of Dean and Sienna having an awesome time playing on the swing set...

And here's where Dean spent most of the night after Vince showed up - not leaving him alone!! Dean does love Uncle Vince!:

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