Saturday, December 18, 2010

Camping with Uncle Jeremy

Earlier this week (Wednesday, 12/15 to be exact - I had to keep Dean home from school that day because just as we pulled up in the preschool parking lot to drop him off at school, as I was about to unbuckle him from his carseat, he said he didn't feel so good and then puked all over. Interestingly the barf had a distinctly chocolate smell to it and I later discovered that Dean had consumed SEVERAL Hershey's Miniatures chocolate bars right after waking up that morning after having found my stash that I used to fill the pockets of his Advent Calendar. So yeah, he couldn't go to school because he vomited in the parking lot but it turns out he wasn't really sick AND he had a major sugar high and felt completely fine by the time we got back to the house. NICE) So anyway, I was busy trying to get some Christmas Presents wrapped so I could get them in the mail in hopes they'd arrive at their destinations on the mainland in time for Christmas. Dean wasn't exactly being very helpful and was SERIOUSLY slowing down the process. Specifically, he was wanting to use the tape to hang up some drawings of planets he had been working on. And every time I needed the tape it seemed to have disappeared and I'd have to go hunt it down. I was quickly running out of time (and patience) before the Post Office closed and was on my last few gifts - a couple of things for my brother - and Dean was really upset that I had hidden the tape from him. So I started up this conversation with him (in a very excited voice, hoping he'd feed off that false excitement, which somehow magically worked!)
Me: "Dean! Hurry! go draw a picture for Uncle Jeremy and we'll send it to him with his Christmas Presents. He'll be SO excited"
Dean: "Ok! But what should I draw?"
Me: "I don't know. But NOT a solar system or planets. Draw something else. Draw a picture of you and Uncle Jeremy at the beach or something. Anything except space stuff."
Dean: " Oh! Ok" as he runs as fast as he can to his room where he (thankfully) stays put for the next 10 minutes while I finish wrapping Jeremy's gifts

Now, I have to tell you that I'm pretty sure I've never seen Dean draw ANYTHING other than planets and stars and space-related objects like nebulae and light echoes and dark matter and such (which I mean really just looks like a bunch of circles and splattery looking scribbles if we're being honest about it - but he does try really hard to make them look like the actual phenomena that he is drawing). But my point is, I really didn't realize that Dean COULD draw people and definitely didn't think he could draw a picture of him and Uncle Jeremy at the beach!! So I was VERY surprised when he came back in and handed me this:

He then spent the next 5 minutes explaining to me what that was a picture of. See, it's a picture of Dean and Jeremy camping on the beach and they're roasting marshmallows over a campfire. That's the campfire that's pink and it's really smoky. And the green on the other side of the fire is a plant. And he wrote I love you "because the heart means love" (so cute!). A few of my favorite things about this drawing that I'd like to point out:
- His concept of scale is pretty advanced I'd say - notice that Jeremy is not only taller than Dean, but Jeremy's arm is much longer than Dean's.
- Both of the hands have 5 fingers
- I love that the entire picture is drawn with markers EXCEPT for the marshmallows, for those he decided to switch things up and go with a black pen
- He made squiggles above the fire to represent the smoke, and there's even a smoke squiggle all the way at the top of the page!
- I love the shining sun and that they both look so happy!!

I'm pretty sure Jeremy doesn't read my blog so I doubt the surprise is ruined, but that drawing is probably way better than the lame gifts I bought him!!

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