Saturday, December 18, 2010

Candy Cane Fun

Just some pics of Dean enjoying a Cherry Candy Cane from Whole Foods in front of our Christmas Tree...(and yes, he's in his underwear...again...this child has a serious aversion to clothes...)

and a video of him talking about what he asked Santa for this year (some very specific toys from Discovery Toys that I had to hunt down after our trip to the Mainland when he played with a Marble Works game belonging to Aunty Leslie that he hasn't stopped talking about since!!!). My Mom let me open one of my Christmas presents early last night so I could use it at Dean's preschool Christmas Program - it's a new Flip digital Video Camera and the quality is SO much better than the videos we've posted in the past! I'm having fun playing with it and you can probably expect a lot more videos here on the blog in the future! Just remember, if you get these posts in an e-mail update, you have to go to the blog to actually view the video. Just click THIS LINK, then scroll to the post for today, 12/18/10, and click the play button on the video!

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