Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Decorating for Christmas

So I didn't fulfill my goal to catch up the blog before the New Year. Oh Well. I am going to *try* to do better this year.

November 25, 2010:
Anyway, way back in November, the day after Thanksgiving to be exact, we decorated for the Holidays. Last year you may recall I was excited to have my first REAL Christmas tree - well, that was enough for me! Those needles were a pain and I don't think our Hawaii climate is suited for keeping a tree alive and looking fresh from Thanksgiving to Christmas (it was looking pretty sad and brown by the time Christmas rolled around!). So, a few days after Christmas last year I hit the sales and picked up a super nice tree for an awesome deal!! (it was one of Macy's display trees and it's regular price was $750!! But I got it for 80% off, so only paid $150!! And it's a BEAUTIFUL pre-lit tree that is really easy to put up!). I was pretty excited to put it up for the first time this year. Anyway, Dean was way into decorating this year and went with me to Home Depot to pick out all new ornaments for the tree - he was very particular, but I was pleased with his final decision and think we'll stick with these for at least a few years. Dean wanted to help put the ornaments on the tree this year and did A LOT of thinking and studying of the tree before placing each ornament in just the right spot (which was sometimes on the exact same branch as the last 4 ornaments he had put on the tree - PAINFUL for me to let go and just let him decorate. I waited until he was asleep and then moved several of them around!!). Anyway, here are some pics of our tree decorating process from 2010...

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