Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Swimming, Sunset and Aerosmith

Mostly pics in this. I'm flying out early in the morning for 4 days on Oahu for continuing education. I'm not too excited about the continuing ed part, but I'm excited about doing some shopping at a real mall and going to Target!!

First, Dean continues to do really well in Swimming lessons. He had his 2nd lesson this past Sunday and again was really REALLY well-behaved - almost to the point where we were wondering if that was really our child! He was pretty pleased with himself because he put his whole head underwater TWICE to pick up a ring from the bottom of the pool. He has put his face under water before, but never his entire head like that for that long (and never where it was so obvious that he was holding his breath and blowing out of his nose while he did it). The teacher was impressed. She said she didn't expect him to do that for another 2-3 classes at least. I tried to get a picture, but he was already coming back up in this one:

He also jumped off the side a few times, which he's an old pro at:

We all had dinner at my parents' house the other night, including Jayci, and Joel, Dean, Jayci and I walked down to the beach for sunset. Even though we love living in town and really aren't that far from the beach, we do miss the OPTION of being able to walk to the beach for sunset whenever we want!!Dean LOOOOOVES Aunty Jayci!!!
And finally, Joel and I had an AWESOME time last night at the Aerosmith concert with my Mom! As most of you probably know, Aerosmith is my all-time favorite band and I'm not even sure exactly how many times I've seen them in concert. The last time I saw them was right before I moved to Maui and we had FRONT ROW seats to see them and Kiss opened for them (that was pretty cool!!). I honestly thought that would probably be my last time to get to see them live (I mean, they are all getting pretty old). But last night's outdoor concert at War Memorial Stadium in Wailuku was so so cool!!! It's a really small venue and our sets were really good - the 11th row, 2nd section over from center - but as the night wore on, we just kept moving closer and closer to the stage and by the end of the night, we were just a few people away from the very edge of the stage!!! They put on a really good show and we all had a good time. I took a few pictures with my phone, but none of them turned out very good. here are the best ones (which are still pretty bad - but at least you can get an idea for how close we actually were).

The whole band - Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford, Tom Hamilton and Joey Kramer:
Joe Perry rockin' out on the guitar:Steven Tyler:
I was so glad that Jayci volunteered to come over and stay with Dean and my Mom's good friend Jim was nice enough to pick my Dad up from Adult Daycare and stay with him at their house until my Mom got home, so my Mom could go with us. We all had an AWESOME rockin' time!!!

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