Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kula Country Farms Pumpkin Patch

Last Weekend we made the drive Upcountry to Kula to take Dean to the Kula Country Farms Pumpkin Patch. You might remember that my Mom and I took Dean last year. You can refresh your memory of that trip (and compare pics to see how much Dean has grown) HERE. We made the mistake of going on a Saturday this year and it was SUPER crowded, as you can see in the pics. The drive up Haleakala was amusing. It made me realize it's been several months since we took Dean Upcountry (probably too long). When we left the house we told him we were going to the Pumpkin Patch and he was pretty excited. Joel decided he was hungry and needed to get something to eat before we left Kahului, so he pulled into the Maui Marketplace to grab something at Burger King. As we turned in, Dean started asking "Where's the Pumpkin Patch? The Pumpkin Patch is at Borders?" (because Borders is in the Maui Marketplace shopping center too). The conversation from there all the way up Haleakala to Kula went a little something like this:
Me: "No Dean, Daddy's just hungry so we're getting him something to eat first. The pumpkin patch is Upcountry".
Dean: "What's Upcountry?"
Me: "It's the Country and it's up on Haleakala"
Dean: "Up there Mommy?" (as he points up to the top of Haleakala)
Me: "yes, up there"
Dean: "What for?"
Me: "Because it's cooler up there, so it's the best place to grow Pumpkins"
Dean: "Oh. It's cooler? Why Mommy?"
Me: "Because it's higher up on the mountain. The higher up in the sky you go, the cooler the air is"
Dean: "What for?"
Me: "Joel? Help me out here?"
Joel: "Dean, do you want anything from Burger King?"
Dean: "candy"
Joel: "they don't have candy at Burger King. How about a hamburger?"
Dean: "No. Just candy"
Joel: "No candy Dean. They only have hamburgers at Burger King"
Dean: "What for?"
Joel and Me: {big sighs} and silence
about 2 minutes later while we're driving up Haleakala Highway....
Dean: "Where's Upcountry Mommy? Is this the country?"
Me: "No, not yet, but almost. We have to go a little higher before we're Upcountry. But look out the window. What's that out there?"
Dean: "That's just sugarcane."
another 2 minutes of sweet silence....
Dean: "Where's the pumpkin patch? Is that the country?"
Me: "Yes, this is the country. But we have to drive a little ways to get to the pumpkin patch"
Dean: "What for?"
Me: "because the pumpkin patch is still a ways away"
Dean: "oh. Look! The ocean"
Me: (pointing down the mountain to the ocean - we were at about 6,000 ft elevation at this point): "yep, there's the ocean. And across there are the West Maui Mountains. Those are the Mountains behind our house"
Dean: "Dean's house?" ( he ALWAYS talks about himself in the 3rd person)
Me: "yes, our house is down there too"
Dean: "what for?"
Me: "because that's where we live Dean"
Dean: "what for?"
Me: "because our house is there. Look, you can see Kihei too"
Dean: "Kihei? And TuTu's beach is down there?"
Me: "yes, TuTu's beach is there too"
Anyway, you get the idea. It's EXHAUSTING. He is CONSTANTLY asking "What for?" or "Why?". I always used to hate it when my Mom answered with "Because I said so", but I find myself itching to say that to him!!!

So ok, I'll get to the pumpkin patch pictures...The pumpkin patch's popularity has obviously grown quite a bit since last year and they were a lot bigger and more organized as far as the farming of the patch it seemed to me.

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