Saturday, May 9, 2009

Easter '09, 2nd edition

Finally, here are the last of the Easter pics!! Dean was really into hunting eggs this year. He doesn't really like to carry the basket with him, but places the basket in an optimal central location, then runs around grabbing eggs and once he has too many to carry, runs back to the basket and drops them all in! After he was done finding eggs, he helped me "hide" them for Grandpa Eddie to take a turn finding them, but then he wanted to help Grandpa Eddie and kept showing him where the eggs were, then telling him how to put them in the basket. It was so cute!!Dean has somehow discovered how to make silly faces and this is his favorite. I'm pretty sure my Mom probably taught him this.
Mean old TuTu (my Mom) played a dirty trick on Dean, in true TuTu fashion. She had given him a big egg filled with candy and while he was playing with his bubbles, she took all the candy out. When he came back for more candy and discovered it was all gone and the egg was empty, he was NOT happy! I did get an entertaining series of pics of that...And finally...candy. Lots and lots of candy.

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