Sunday, February 22, 2009

Keeping Grandpa CR healthy

I think I've mentioned that one of Dean's favorite sets of toys is his Mainstreet Village Collection. One of the new sets he got for Christmas was a little Farmer's Market stand complete with a little farmer who bears a striking resemblance to an older version of Grandpa CR. (OK, maybe it's just the hairstyle and the fact that they both grow vegetables, but for us that's enough....but Mainstreet Village Grandpa CR is older because his hair is quite a bit more gray than the real Grandpa CR). Anyway, Dean doesn't really play too much with the Mainstreet people EXCEPT for Grandpa CR. He knows exactly which person is Grandpa CR and everytime he gets out his village, he likes to make sure Grandpa CR eats his veggies. It's so funny. Dean goes straight for the little crate of vegetables and pretends to eat some of them. Then he makes Joel and I pretend to eat our veggies. Then he says "Grandpa CR" and makes Mainstreet Village Grandpa CR eat his vegetables. Just doing his part to keep Grandpa healthy....

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