Monday, February 9, 2009

Haleakala Trip

Well, I survived another Crater Hike. It was questionable there for awhile. I've decided I like the IDEA of this trip better than I actually like the trip. Last time we did it I said I'd never do it again. I'm not sure what possessed me to do it again. Anyway, Joel and I set out Friday morning with my good friend Jayci (Corwin for you Okies) and her "Maui Magic" guy friend Jason and Jason's sister Lindsay (who it turns out works with Joel). I also seemed to have forgotten that it was SPRING the last time we did this and it's now WINTER, which means it was a little bit colder at 10,000 ft elevation!!! So here are the pics. I never know where to put the picture captions, above or below the the captions are below the pics....There are a lot of them.

Joel and Jayci at the summit, getting ready.
Joel and Jen at the trailhead.
Joel, Jen, Jayci & Jason at the trailhead (is that enough "J"s for ya?)
Looking into the crater from the summit (10,000 ft elevation)
Joel and Jen, self-portrait
Heading down Sliding Sands Trail (you'll notice from most of the pics that I'm usually bringing up the rear!)
Joel crossing the lava field on the floor of the crater, just after our lunch break. mmmm....Subway sandwiches.
Heading up the "March of Death" (as I've affectionately termed this portion of the hike). Joel decided that my attitude about this part of the hike was clouding my judgement about it and causing me to unfairly dislike this part of the day. He told me if I called this portion of the hike something like "Gallagher's Happy Fun Walk" that I'd magically enjoy it much more (I then told him exactly where I thought both he and Gallagher belonged).
From the top of "Gallagher's March of Death" looking down towards where I still have to go on Day 1. That little person inside the white circle is Joel...way ahead of me as usual!
Just a pretty picture.
FINALLY! Holua Cabin is in sight (inside the circle...across that GIGANTIC lava field...only about 1 mile to go!!)
Resting at the cabin (and sooooo happy to take off our hiking boots and and put on some slippers!!!)
A couple of Endangered Hawaiian Nene (The Hawaii State Bird) hanging out around the cabin
Joel and Jayci huddling for warmth under a "Space Blanket" while Joel enjoys his hot meal of spaghetti (which he cooked for us)
Jen & Jason taking care of some much-needed personal hygiene. We're actually INSIDE a cloud at this point (that's why it looks so foggy)
Sunrise from Holua Cabin, day 2.
Joel making his morning coffee. Mmmmm, folgers Crystals.
Joel and Jen - well rested and ready to head out
Final Good-byes to Holua Cabin (I won't be back for a loooong time)!
Crossing a lava field, Eastern rim of the crater, Day 2
Jayci & Jason, ready to head up Switchbacks, a.k.a. "the ass-kicker"
About halfway up Switchbacks - that's Joel & Jason inside the circle.
Looking back down on the lava field & meadow we crossed from the cabin (inside the circle) to get to the base of Switchbacks
From the top of Switchbacks looking over the Eastern rim of the crater, above the clouds, down towards Hana - you can see the shoreline & ocean from here - and we're at about 8,000 ft elevation at this point!!! It was a beautiful clear day!
Last view of where we've been
I'm tired and I want to go home!!!


Shelly said...

Those are gorgeous pictures! I want to know how to pronounce "Keonehe'ehe'e" haha. And the picture of you guys resting at the cabin (you guys = Joel and Jen) is such a cute picture of you two, really =)

Cindi said...


I stumbled on your blog through your stamping blog. I am a fellow Okie and wondered where in Ok you were from. There was a Jayci in my home town and just wondered. I love your stamping and your pics of Hawaii are amazing. Thanks for sharing.

cindi in OK

Anonymous said...

hey jen, wanted to check out the hiking pictures. looks like fun!! beautiful pictures though :)