Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dean and his Nani

So we have the best cat ever!! Nani (her full name is Nani Hanai Popoki which translates from Hawaiian into English roughly as "Beautiful adopted cat" - she was a shelter kitten. Her adoption has a story, but I'll save that for another time)...anyway, Nani and Dean are best friends! When I was pregnant with Dean, Nani would lay on my belly anytime I would sit still long enough for her to crawl up there. It was her favorite napping spot. So I think their bond began in utero! I often wondered if Dean could hear her purring through my layers of skin and fat? hmmmm. She has been so good with him since he first began pulling her tail at 4 months old. She does still have claws and let me tell you, she has scratched the crap out of me before, but she is so gentle with him. And he can be pretty rough with her!! Thought I'd share some cute pics of them today...

Not sure what he's doing in that last pic, but he looked really cute!!

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