Sunday, April 8, 2012

2012 Project Life - Week 1

Ok, so I've been terrible about updating the blog this year and I apologize. I HAVE been documenting our life diligently and I thought it would be fairly easy to translate this new scrapbooking project (which I am LOVING) into a quick and easy blog post, but it just hasn't happened. I'd like to get caught up soon with 2012 so I can do a post every few weeks. I am doing something called Project Life, where I capture little bits and pieces of Everyday Life - not just the big / exciting moments, but also all the little things that, put together in this project, really paint a picture of what our life is like right now, in 2012. I think this will be so much fun to look back on in 10, 20, 30 years. It's a pretty simple scrapbooking project that uses pre-designed pocket pages, almost like old-school photo albums and I just slip our photos in each week, but I also add lots of journaling and also bits of memorabilia. I try to remember to collect things that are true to our life and times right now. Anyway, I think what I'd like to do this year here on the Tapler Ohana blog is do a little weekly overview for each week of 2012. I'll post a photo of my Project Life album layout for the week (which will be a 2-page "spread"), where you'll see how all the photos, journaling and memorabilia go together into my album project, and then post each of the individual photos that I took for the week as well as my journaling about our life for the week. That's my plan for now anyway. It could change. What do you think? How about I start with 2012 Week 1 now and you guys let me know what you think? (and yes, I know I have quite a bit of catching up to do...)

The photo above is the photo I used on the cover page of the album.

Week 1 - January 1, 2012 to January 7, 2012:

A closer look at the details:

On Sunday, Joel and Dean went to the beach and then to see the new Chipmunks movie while I stayed home and did some cleaning and went to the grocery store (Whole Foods AND Safeway - it seems we can never get it all in just one run).

On Tuesday, Joel took down the Christmas lights outside. Dean went to Tutu's. Joel and Jen had a Date Night - Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Thursday, Jen got a new chair at work, which was very exciting (I included the tag from the chair in the album along with some journaling). Friday my friend Sarah and her mom, Aunty Les, came over for some craft time. Dean got "green" on his behavior chart at school and was very upset about that. (Green is not bad, it means "ready to learn", but it is where they start out each day and Dean seems to think if he doesn't move up the chart, then it is bad. My poor stressball child).

Saturday we hiked King's Highway Trail in the morning and then had Family Game Night and a little slumber party / movie night ("Rango") in the living room with our sleeping bags that night.

It was a pretty good start to 2012!

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