Monday, August 22, 2011

Pomaika'i Fun Run

Aloha Family and Friends! Dean has made a video message for you regarding the Pomaika'i Fun Run. If you're reading this blog post in an e-mail subscription message, you'll have to go to the blog HERE to watch Dean's video.

In case you can't understand Dean, here's what he said: "Aloha Family and Friends. Pomaika'i is having its 5th Annual Fun Run on September 30. My school's goal is to raise $40,000 for the arts and technology programs that are being affected by budget cuts. Please help my school by donating. Thank you. I love you."

Your donations are tax deductible!! (I will send you the FED ID#). You can make checks payable to Pomaika'i PTSA and mail them directly to me (e-mail me for my address if you need it). We have to turn in the Fun Run Collection Envelope by September 16. Most of you live far away so Dean can't come knock on your door. We're not asking you to buy wrapping paper or candy bars or some other crap where the school only gets a portion of the money. 100% of the money you send will go to Dean's school. And HOPEFULLY this is the only time we'll have to ask you this year!! :-)

Thank you!


MrsGinaSmith said...

This is go great! Thanks for the support!!!!

The Royalty Family said...

how far is the run? are the kids running? are you Jen? I'll donate if you are.