Saturday, August 13, 2011

First Week of Kindergarten

Dean had an AWESOME first week of Kindergarten!! He loved it! He only attended 2 days - half day Tuesday and a full day Thursday - and both days had a huge smile on his face when I picked him up. Thursday started out a little rough because I made him wear his Keens (close-toed shoes), which he did NOT want to do and he was a little teary and literally dragging his feet walking to the building and when it was time to go inside. I worried about it all day, regretting that I had pushed the issue. But he was happy when school was out, but was wearing his slippers and not his Keens, however Mrs. Smith said he had worn his Keens ALL DAY until the last 15 minutes!! YAY!! He had 2 stickers on his shirt and Mrs. Smith told him to be sure and tell me why he got 2 stickers. He said "one is for wearing my Keens all day until 15 minutes and another one for good cutting with scissors and good gluing". So far, things seem to be going great!! The first week of school only half of the kindergarten kids were there each day (which is why he only attended Tuesday and Thursday - the other half attended Wednesday and Friday). Next week all of the kids will be there together every day!

Mrs. Smith was kind enough to e-mail me several photos of Dean at school this past week, which of course I LOVE. Love that connection and communication!! I thought I'd share them with you, along with what she wrote in her e-mail. (we're loving her more each day!!).

Mrs. Smith said "Here he was doing center time and building with friends at the Lego center. In the other picture he was learning how to make tiny dots of glue and practicing his cutting skills. On this day we created our 1st piece of art in kindergarten!"

Mrs. Smith said "here's Dean playing with the shape blocks. I took an overhead view of his creation. Very cool! Also, he spent a long time at the writing center. He was exploring the stamps and telling me all about the fact that he does not like the color orange. I then learned that Dean loves to sing as he works. He was singing a tune of his own and it was the cutest thing I had heard. I told him I liked his singing and he looked at me and said "you do???!!!", he's adorable and makes me smile. I am so glad he's in my class!"

We are also glad Dean is in Mrs. Smith's class! We celebrated a successful first week of Kindergarten by driving over to Lahaina today to go to Barnes and Noble to buy Dean a couple of new books (our big Borders store closed a few months ago and we also just lost our Borders Express store at the mall, so no more book stores in Kahului...I can't wait for those fun Book club order things you get in Elementary school!! Those were the BEST! Do they still do those?? I hope so!). He was SO EXCITED to see that Barnes and Noble carries the entire Basher Books collection! He picked out the Physics (! Yes, my 4-yr-old wanted a Physics book. I know. He's kind of weird like that. But how do you say no to that??) and Rocks & Minerals. He also got a new National Geographic Kids Weird but True book and had fun reading that to us ALL THE WAY home. Did YOU know that Kangaroos can't hop backwards and that Owls don't move their eyeballs?? Yeah, me either.

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Brandi said...

The school book order forms still rock. I STILL get excited when I see one in Balin's backpack.